1. Building Management Systems (BMS):

We are experts in integrating building automatic systems, including all products and engineering services necessary for the automatic regulation of a Building, supervision, optimization, management and human intervention that allows to achieve a reliable, economical and energy efficient operation of technical installations of buildings.

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2. Commissioning:

Commissioning is a systematic process that serves to ensure that all affected building installation systems function interactively according to the intent of the design. Commissioning Operations are primarily aimed at maximising performance, ensuring that design parameters are achieved and that the conditions required for effective and efficient long-term use are met.

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3. WhyB Building Analytics:

WhyB (What Hides Your Building?) is an analytical tool that monitors buildings performance, measures against optimal rules and generates kpis with alerts and events. The system detects opportunities for optimizing the operation of buildings, saves energy and extends the useful life of equipment. It allows for energy-efficient management of facilities.

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