Sistrol innovates its platform for building analytics, WhyB, thanks to the Innovation Check Program of the Regional Government of Madrid

Sistrol is a reference company in the integration and maintenance of control systems (BMS), retro-commissioning and building analytics. With more than 750 buildings monitored, a consolidated know-how and with the objective of offering a more efficient service to the client, Sistrol decided to innovate by developing a platform for building analytics services, WhyB (What Hides your Building), capable of detecting inefficiencies and anomalies in the equipment and installations, and thus be able to propose improvements in the consumption of the building and improve the maintenance service and user service.


The energy efficiency platform (WhyB) is developed with the latest technologies: data modeling of signal time series, open communication protocols capable of connecting any building control system, ETL technologies for extraction, transformation and loading of data into the system and technologies for processing time series and Internet of Things (IoT) for the automatic generation of incidents.


Now, with the help of the CAM Innovation Check program, advanced technology will be incorporated for the detection of anomalous or erroneous data in building signals (temperature, pressure, lighting, flow, etc.) to allow their subsequent exploitation in improving energy efficiency and detecting operating inefficiencies.


The result of the innovation activity will be automatic learning algorithms to characterize signal anomalies, estimate missing or erroneous values and predict future values based on existing values and building information.


For this, Sistrol has an expert partner such as the Department of Telematic Engineering of the Carlos III University of Madrid.


The investment in innovation will directly result in an improvement of the WhyB building analytics service, by eliminating distortions in the signals that make it difficult to process the information and, therefore, to make decisions regarding the optimization of the operation of the buildings.


The aid for investment in innovation falls within the framework of innovation aid granted by the Regional Government of Madrid through the Governing Council agreement of 21 June 2016, which approved the procedural rules for the direct granting of aid co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund to encourage the use of innovation services in small businesses (“Innovation Check” programme), within the operational programme of the Regional Government of Madrid for the period 2014-2020.


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