New skills of SISTROL in measuremente and verification

EVO (Energy Valuation Organization), the most recognized International Organization for Energy Measurement and Verification ( offers a Certification Programme for professionals interested in becoming “EVO Certified Measurement and Verification Professional, CMVP.” Acknowledging the importance of sound measurement and verification on its building analytics business area, Sistrol is engaged in an education and training programme for its employees to improve even further the customer’s value of its WhyB (What hides your building?) service.

Francisco Gómez,  WhyB Product Manager in Sistrol, has attended the course and he has got the EVO CMVP Certificate. “I have always enjoyed measurement and verification and the associated accuracy and precision obtained by using the right techniques. This training is giving me a new perspective to improve the quality of the information offered to our customers by the WhyB system.” (WhyB is a Building Analytics service offered by Sistrol to detect energy inefficiencies and equipment faults in buildings and value them).

EVO, Efficiency Valuation Organization, ( is the most recognized organizationation of measurement and verification of energy conservation measures worldwide.

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