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Innovative Small Size Company Seal

Sistrol S.A. has received the official seal of Small Size INNOVATIVE company from the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness. This seal certifies that Sistrol has demonstrated its innovative character through its own activity during the last three years.

In addition, the company has received funding from CDTI (Center for the development of Industrial Technology ) for its “FREEnergy” project, which resulted in the launch of WhyB (What hides your building?), a service focused on the diagnosis of building installations by means of IoT analysis, which uses powerful dashboards to analyse and monitor the performance of the equipment, enabling proactive management of operations.

Importance of CDTI support

The CDTI is a Public Business Entity, dependent on the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, which promotes innovation and technological development of Spanish companies. It is the entity that channels applications for funding and support for R&D&I projects of Spanish companies at the national and international levels. Companies that aspire to obtain this seal have to go through a very exhaustive evaluation process when they ask for official funding for a specific project, and then meet a series of demanding requirements that prove their innovative spirit.

Pioneer in smart buildings control and analytical systems

Since its foundation in 1999, Sistrol has been a pioneer in its field, both in Building Control Systems and in Building Diagnostics (Commissioning) and Building Analytics. Today it continues to innovate with the development of automated models of analysis of sets of building signals, adding a layer of value that is unrivalled within the sector. Sistrol monitors, analyzes and manages building data to improve energy efficiency, maintenance, operations and comfort through its WhyB analytical platform.

Complexity and Building Analytics

Buildings are becoming more complex, with more interconnected devices and an enormous amount of data they generate. Building Management Systems do a great job of providing measurement dashboards and alerts when problems occur, but they don’t give a complete analysis of what that data hides.
To get that comprehensive view, you need a detailed analysis of building values that groups signals together to look beyond the data of each signal, which may be working properly on an individual level, but together does not get a suitable result. WhyB (What Hides within your Building?) platform is focused on generating information from the massive data of the building and has been an importance asset in the award of the Innovative Small Size Company Seal. More details about WhyB in this link

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